Spring flowers in Derbyshire and the Peak District

Spring in Derbyshire, the Peak District and Derwent House

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The march of spring seems to be quickening with the first signs of spring flowers, longer days and bright crisp mornings. Spring always feel like a wonderful time to explore the Peak District. There are signs of new life, on the trees and plants, wildlife and animals become more visible.

Spring at Derwent House

It also signals the time for Spring Cleaning at Derwent House. I clearly remember one of our first guests, back in 2008, commenting about how fresh and new Derwent House seemed but went on to say, ‘it’s all well and good being like this at the start, to question is how will it be in 10 years time?’. That stuck with us and our aim is to be as appealing now as we were when we welcomed our first guests.

So, each year, the next stage of the ongoing refurbishment, springs into action. A few months back we decided it was time to give the main guest sitting room a complete overhaul. So, measurements were taken, blinds ordered, new lights identified, wallpaper chosen and pictures purchased.

Each year we look at different wallpaper companies. Last year in Glendon, our B&B, we opted for the Little Greene company for one room. However, for the sitting room, we have been drawn back to Laura Ashley. A light paper with a sense of nature. And new wall lights, to keep the Georgian feel, but with a touch of elegance. The pictures are also chosen from local artists.

Derwent House Spring clean fireplace

Derwent sitting rooms get some attention

As well as the big touches there is also the spring cleaning. The stone fireplace that houses the wood burner, with its classic Georgian lines, looks great, but needs a good clean to maintain the traditional sandstone.

We’ve also given ‘snug’, located just off the kitchen, an update. This room is a lovely place to sit and watch the cooks in the kitchen. A new light colour for the walls, daffodil white, and new lights.

Spring courtyard flowers

Spring clean in the courtyard

The courtyard stone paving has also had a good clean and the first spring plants have appeared. Well, when we say appeared, with a visit to the local garden nurseries and some gardening, rather than by magic over night!

We’ve also given the landings a fresh coat of paint. It is surprising how long it takes to paint so many doors, but it looks neat and bright, so a job well done.

Derwent House in Spring sunshine

Updated safety features at Derwent House

As well as the visual feel there is often other work to do that is less visible but very important in ensuring the safety of our guests so it was time for some safety improvements. New LED emergency lighting has been fitted on each floor to provide illumination in the event of a power failure. Each room has been fitted with a wireless fire detection alarm, and each bedroom door with new fireproof hinges, fire door strips and new fireproof door closures. In a Georgian property this presented a bit of a challenge for our joiners but as usual they rose to it admirably. All in all, a job well done. This type of work is often not noticed by guests but is absolutely a key part of providing holiday accommodation that is both high quality and safe

Chatsworth House in the Spring

Things to do this Spring in the Peak District

With everything completed we are now ready to welcome our guests for 2020. Late spring and summer are already looking busy. However, if you’re thinking of a spring break away we still have some free time in March. Spring is a great time to visit as many of the attractions are opening, including Chatsworth House, and it is a wonderful time for walking and exploring and cycling. For a summer break we have availability in July. Again, this is a great time to visit the area to avoid the summer rush and hopefully enjoy some long, warm, sunny days. And of course through the year there are a wonderful range of events.

If you’re looking for holiday accommodation for 12 people, we hope you like what Derwent House has to offer. As well as the house, we have the wonderful Hall Leys Park and Matlock amenities just a few steps away and many great Derbyshire and Peak District attractions close by. You can see what dates are available for the year ahead on our booking calendar if you’re thinking of some time away with family or friends.

Spring flowers and cycle storage

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