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24th June Update – please read our latest page on reducing the risk of COVID-19

Since March things have been very different with the impact of COVID19. We hope you have remained safe and well during this time. The country is starting to take the first steps towards more social interaction and we hope that the next weeks will see the restrictions ease.

As we look forward, we are hoping to welcome guests back to Derwent House from July. This is of course dependent on government restrictions. We will always follow this advice as the safety and well-being of our guests, staff and the community are at the forefront of all decisions we make.

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Making a booking

We understand that you may be considering making a booking for later this year or further ahead. We have made dates available to cover the next two years to assist guests looking at future dates. It will be lovely have guests return to Derwent House. However, we understand there is still uncertainty. In response to this we have amended our booking terms and conditions.

If the government impose restrictions regionally covering Matlock or the home address of the person making the booking due to Covid19 up to the start day of your booking, we will provide guests with two options. The full  amount paid can be transferred to any other available date in the following two years. Alternatively, the booking can be cancelled and a refund via bank transfer, minus an administration charge of £75, will be given. An administration charge is made to cover the costs associated with taking and cancelling a booking. We have added this option to provide additional assurance for guests making a booking as a number of insurance companies are excluding this.

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Staying at Derwent house

We are reviewing guidance issued from the government and Public Health England to ensure we take all possible steps to maintain a safe environment for guests. Since we opened Derwent House in 2008 we have received numerous reviews that complement our standard of cleanliness. We will continue to operate at this excellent standard.

In addition, we will put in place any additional measures as recommended. Visit Britain are developing a quality mark to support hospitality businesses understand all the steps they can take to ensure as safe an environment as possible as this time. We will complete this as soon as it is available and continue to respond to evidence as it emerges.

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Previously we worked as nurses and many of the measures taken to reduce the spread of infection remain with us. We have called on these over the past years and will continue to do so. The emphasis on hand washing and reduced touching of shared items really does make a difference and are part of our usual routines.

The advice regarding laundry is to use high temperatures and detergents. All of our laundry at Derwent House goes to a professional laundry. Their wash programmes have been re-designed where necessary (in conjunction with their chemical suppliers) to assure disinfection from both bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19). All wash programs use cleaning additives including either hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite.

In addition to the cleaning that always happens between changeovers we are adding disinfecting the surfaces following initial cleaning.

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The local area

Over time it will become clearer how local attractions, restaurants and shops are responding. As the actions taken by each venue are likely to differ we advise guests to look at the website for the relevant venue as these are likely to contain the latest information.

A great advantage of Derbyshire and the Peak District are the open spaces and stunning scenery. There are many places to choose from and it is usually possible to find quieter open spaces at all time of the year. There are some areas that tend to be busy but you can find lots of information on local walks and spaces across the area that are less busy. For some specific walks you could check out Walking the Peaks, who sell downloadable self-guided walks.

Welcoming guests back to Derwent House

Staying safe and enjoying your stay continue to be our top priorities. Whilst there are some changes, the majority of this is what we have always done at Derwent House. At this time, we are simply applying extra caution.

We want our guests to continue to enjoy their time at Derwent House. These measures have been implemented for added caution. We are confident our guests will continue to enjoy their stay in the house and enjoying Derbyshire and the Peak District. A break is important for time away and time together. This seems more important now than ever. We are explaining these actions so you know what we have and continue to do to maintain a safe space but in a way that is not overly obvious. We look forward to welcoming you to Derwent House.

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